4 Healthy Sandwich Filling Ideas for an Irresistible Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a healthy breakfast give a good start to your day. The other truth is that mornings are the busiest times and hence making an elaborated breakfast is often not possible. How about fixing a quick and healthy sandwich with a filling of three major food groups in it: carbs, veggies and proteins? Doesn’t that sound wholesome? You can use your sandwich toaster and get it ready in a few minutes.

Here are 4 healthy sandwich filling ideas that will make for an irresistible breakfast.

Prosciutto, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches

To make this scrumptious sandwich, you will require thinly sliced prosciutto. Take two whole wheat or multigrain bread slices. In a bowl, add 1 spoon mayonnaise, 2-3 basil leaves, mustard and garlic. Mix well and spread it over the bread slices. Layer the lettuce leaves and tomato slices over it. Top it up with prosciutto and place the other bread over it. Put it in the sandwich toaster till done.

Pear and Walnut Fruit Sandwich

It’s a very simple sandwich, which is both healthy and tasty. All you need is some finely chopped roasted walnuts and thinly sliced pears. The secret here is to keep the pear slices thin; otherwise, it will be tough to bite into. You can spread cream cheese on the cinnamon raisin bread and then place pears and walnuts over it. This is the best breakfast for those who have a sweet tooth.

Turkey Sandwich with Hummus and English Cucumber

It’s a protein-packed sandwich to start your day on a healthy note. Take 2 whole wheat bread slices. Spread plain hummus on one side of each slice. In a bowl, mix some sliced deli turkey with 1/2 medium avocado and 1/4 thinly sliced small English cucumber. Place it on a bread piece and cover with the other. Toast it in your sandwich toaster for few minutes till done.

Hung Curd Veg Sandwich

Take some hung curd. Add finely diced cucumber, bell peppers, corns and tomatoes to it. Add a little salt and black pepper. Mix well. Place this mixture on one slice of multigrain bread and cover it with the other. Place the sandwich in the sandwich toaster and allow it to become crisp. Have it without any guilt as it has all the healthy ingredients in it.

Having something like a sandwich that is packed with protein, fibre, and healthy carbs is the best breakfast that you can give to yourself. This can keep you full and energetic through the day. The best part of the sandwich is that it is a very versatile food and you can experiment with all sorts of fillings. In case you don’t have any particular ingredient given in a particular recipe, you always have the option of replacing it with something else. So, be creative and enjoy your breakfast of healthy sandwiches.