8 Benefits of starting a free zone company

Who doesn’t want to succeed in his or her life? everyone does. Everybody wants to achieve all of their goals in their lives so that they can achieve what they want.

Different people have different preferences. Some want to do jobs while others want to pursue their own businesses.

Want to start a business of your own?

If you are one of those people who prefer starting their own businesses, then you should definitely go with the free zones in Dubai.

Utilize your potentials

With Dubai free zones, you will be able to have a full control over your business and in this way, you will be able to utilize your potentials in better ways.

What is a Freezone?

There are specific regions in different nations where there is no interference of customs policy. Such zones or regions are referred to as free zones the people who operate their companies here do not pay the taxes as they are exempt o taxes.

Free zones allow people to work without having the stress of tax on their head. Because of the free zones, a lot of people outside the UAE get attracted towards these free zones and open their businesses here. In this way, the economy of the nation increases.

Benefits of company formation in Dubai

You will find a lot of benefits of working and business setup in Dubai free zone. All of these benefits will add to your growth and become the reason behind your success.

Businesses operating in the free zones will be exempted to tax and get full ownership. In addition to that, the business operating in a free zone do not have to pay the corporate tax.

Here are some of the major benefits people will get for their business set up in the free zones;

100% ownership

Everybody wants to own their businesses not partially but wholly. Same will happen to the businesses in free zones. They will get 100% ownership here.

No sponsor needed

Other businesses might need the sleeping partners or local sponsors for the business. this is not the case with the free zone businesses. They do not require such partners and sponsors. They can work on their own.

Bank account ownership

The business operating in the free zones will be able to open their own accounts in the local banks

Protected activities

All of the activities of the business will be protected

International business commitment

The business will have the ability to carry out International business commitment

No corporate tax

The business will not have to pay the corporate tax for a long time. When that time will expire, the business will be able to renew that for more 50 years as well.

Simple and flexible methods

The methods of enrollment will be very simple for the businesses in free zones. They will be able to get their work permits and visas very fast and easily.

Own responsibility in case of wrap up

If the businessman wants to wrap up his business, it will be all up to him. If he wants to do so, it will all be his own responsibility. Read more about business setup in Dubai airport free zone MAF Consulting Middle East