A Complete 2 Week Diet Plan Review – Find Out How It Is Different?

Brian Flatt is a popular figure in the fitness industry and he has worked with several popular personalities to make them lose weight according to their requirements. He is renowned for rapid loss weight programs and the most effective one of them is his 2 week diet plan. It is advertised that the program will make a person lose 8-16 pounds of weight in just 2 weeks’ time. This is a complete 2 week diet plan review that will help you understand the program and how it is different from other controversial short terms rapid weight loss programs.

Things Needed For 2 Week Diet Plan –

Launch Handbook – This book illustrates how the diet works and how to make the diet program effective for every person. This is important to understand the entire program rather than just blindly following it.

Diet Handbook – This book outlines the entire diet plan for 2 weeks. There are three phases consisting of lowering carbohydrate, enhancing fat burn and low calorie and low carbohydrate phase. This is important as you will understand what you should eat and what you need to avoid for the success of the program.

Activity Handbook – This book contains all the exercise you need to do along with the diet plan to burn fat and lose weight faster. There are short exercises which you can do at home with barbells and dumbbells or you can go to a gym for a better result. This is important as only dieting will not lose your weight dramatically. Only the powerful combination of diet and exercise can do it.

Motivation Handbook – Even though it is merely a two weeks’ diet plan, you are sure to lose interest and enthusiasm in a matter of few days. This book contains practical ways you can keep yourself motivated and keep the momentum going until the last day.

Will It Really Work?

It is a very short program designed for those who want to see visible results before investing precious time for losing more weights. Depending on how much your weight is, you are easily going to lose a few pounds in just two weeks. It has been tried and tested and the overall strategy of dieting, exercising and motivating yourself throughout is a proven one and 2 week diet plan review from all corners is extremely positive. Therefore, it is definitely worth giving a shot by time your money and time. If you see the visible result, you can continue with extended time period diet to get a perfect shape of your body.