A Friendly Approach to Ease out Anxiety!

If you observe closely at some people they might be tensed and if you delve deep you would not find an answer. There are not many reasons which trigger anxiety. Some may be work place tensions, Monday morning blues, presentations, etc. Some people are anxious and this takes the better of them and they are not able to concentrate on their present work and this anxiety reaches alarming proportions.

Easing anxiety is easier said than done. For some appraisals or for some the traffic jams or any simple thing may affect them and it causes unnecessary stress. You can approach it logically and do something which will make you less anxious. Some proven tips which are suggested by those in the medical field are


You might find many excuses for not exercising and the easiest among them being lack of time. Exercises not only burns your calories away it releases endorphins. Endorphins is the body’s natural pain killers and it helps to improve your mood and reduce physical discomfort. If you think that this is the only advantage of exercise then, you are mistaken as it also burns cortisol, the stress hormone apart from burning calories. So fix a routine and stick to it as much as possible.

Do Deep Breathing

If you are anxious you will definitely do shallow breathing. To make yourself calm start deep breathing that is breathes from your belly with many repetitions you will become calm and energized. You can adopt this whenever you are anxious. This concentrating on breathing is very essential for you to become aware and you will enjoy it after sometime.

Take Breaks

Sitting continuously in front of a system for hours together will make you dull and you will feel aches after sometime. So take breaks and it can be a quick walk and be consistent with your breaks. If you can walk outdoors then it is the best you can do for yourself. It is observed that people who live close to green spaces suffer less anxiety and depression.

Create Happy Mornings

First thing in the morning do not look at your phone for unread messages or mails. It can wait. Freshen and get outdoors and watch the sunrise and in the process the cool morning breeze will enliven you and you will enjoy the peace within. Make it a habit and you will long for this each single day.

Adapt Yourself

If a new job is making your life stressful and if you feel you are not up to the mark then there is serious case of anxiety. With due course create a good friends circle at work and allot time to learn the new skills. Do not set deadlines for yourself be gracious and accept your limitations. When you accept reality you will become more cheerful. Certain situations cannot be controlled and never attempt at making matters worse.

Learn To Be A Witness

Some stressful situations make you over act and you will regret about it sometime later. So analyse and see the pattern when you are stressed out and when you overreact. Introspect and make sure you do not do this again by this you will become calmer and more mature. Sometimes, it is your reactions which make things worse so be calm. You can also practice meditation so that you will be able to deal with situations in a better way.

Get Organized

It is not easy in the beginning but with practice you will love the change. If you have clean spaces be it at home or in offices you will feel better. Throw away the clutter so that there is enough air flow and you will enjoy peace. It takes a few minutes a day to stick to the timetable you have set but it helps. When you are organized everything gets done on time and you are in total control of yourself.

Embrace Change

New situations put us a lot of pressure and try to be prepared beforehand. Sometimes positive affirmations to your own self will help you become better. And if you start believing that everything is fine then within sometime you will see the positivity around.

So follow these tips to make yourself less anxious.