Best gemstones you can buy for wedding rings

Many grooms stick to traditional diamonds to buy for their bride-to-be as the wedding ring. But times have changed and the modern custom options are way better than going old-school. From rubies to sapphires, there are plenty of gemstones that can make attractive wedding rings.

Gemstones for wedding rings

Check out these options to choose the ideal gemstones for weddings.

1.       Pearls

Pearls are not extremely expensive when compared to other gemstones. They make a great Gemini birthstone and leave an elegant feeling. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and need to be carefully maintained. Choose pearl engagement rings only if you don’t plan to wear it all the time.

2.       Sapphire

While white sapphire is a perfect Gemini stone, women crave for blue ones as they are unique, rare, and expensive. Sapphire has lately gained a lot of popularity and many now turn to hues of peach, green, yellow, and pink. Sapphires increase your options among gemstones and you might want to select a color that your soon-to-be wife loves the most.

3.       Emerald

The most common of all Gemini birthstones is emerald. They come in a distinct green color tone and makes engagement rings that stand out. Many people feel thought that emeralds have gone out of style, but the modern setting has changed the whole scenario. Now, emeralds can look chic and that has made them timeless.

4.       Ruby

Rubies are expensive gemstones most women wish to possess. They make amazing engagement ring options, especially due to the blood-red color tone. Rubies go through a lot of fine-tuning to shine out and overshadow stones like diamonds. Look for four Cs when buying rubies as you do for diamonds to ensure its origin. Burmese rubies are the best of its kinds and most expensive too.

5.       Amethyst

If you’re looking for a unique gemstone that most women won’t have as their engagement ring, you can choose something as different as Amethyst. These are purplish stones in the raw form and can make amazing jewelry. They are not hard or durable enough to wear all the time but are quite cheap and attractive. The lavender hues blended with silver and rose gold make an amazing setting and look quite quirky.

6.       Turquoise

Turquoise offers quite a trendy color tone and is a common option for types of jewelry. They are usually made with a combination of aluminum and copper. The bright blue colors of Turquoise are much liked by men for their wedding rings.

7.       Morganite

The stones of Morganite look romantic and feminine. These are pretty and usually set in diamond halo so you can buy it for your wedding. Morganite is Beryl and fall under the same family of stones like emeralds do. However, the prices greatly vary especially depending on the type of Morganite you buy.

8.       Garnet

Garnets have several color options and are best when bought in the rich pink-red color tone. These are usually added to antique settings and work well when paired with pearls or gemstones of other colors. These stones are not as hard as ruby but make a gorgeous option for a less expensive ring.

9.       Topaz

The dazzling color options of Topaz give a blend of elegance, clarity, and beauty. Although types of Topaz have different mineral content, the gemstones make graceful engagement rings. The purest form is actually colorless but you’d find this stone in red, blue, green, pink, and orange hues.

10.   Opal

If you wish to gift a unique clustered group of stones, you can bring back Opal in trend. Opals are usually black in color but can also be found white and crystallized. Depending on the vibrancy, these stone reflect the entire rainbow. The best part about these stones is that they are never similar to each other. Every piece you own is unique and that makes it expensive.