Can More Than One Party be Held Liable for a Truck Accident in California?

Have you or someone you know recently been involved in an accident involving a commercial truck. When you are discussing truck accidents and their liability, one of the most common questions asked is if multiple parties have the potential to be held liable for the accident. The answer is yes, multiple parties have the potential to be liable. The reason for this question is to ensure that damages, fees, and expenses are appropriately covered in accidents that are almost always serious and cause significant damage. If you have suffered an accident with a truck in the state of California, it is time to seek out a qualified car accident attorney.

Which Parties Are Liable?

Truck Driver

The first liable party in a trucking accident is often the driver. Since they were the driver and the actual party involved in the accident, they are the most direct liable party. These drivers cause accidents for different reasons such as exhaustion, under the influence, a medical condition or disability, or violating traffic laws. Once an accident has been reviewed and the truck driver is listed as the cause of the accident, grounds for compensation from this party can begin.

Trucking Company

The responsibility of trucking company owners is to ensure they are hiring safe and equipped drivers. Should the reason the driver caused the wreck has to do with exhaustion or a repeat offender for poor driving, the trucking company is automatically considered a liable party. Also, physicals are required on a regular basis, so should a medical condition or disability arise, the trucking company should have this documentation.

Companies Responsible for Loading

When these truck drivers haul loads, many of these accidents come immediately following the loading docks of the company in which they are contracted with to haul loads. Each truck has a weight limit for what they are able to carry while on the road, so if it is determined that the load limit was exceeded, causing the driver to not be able to properly stop, then this party is also liable for any damages. The security of the cargo is also the responsibility of these companies, and if the accident was caused due to unsecured cargo, then they have a liability to the accident.

Manufacturer of Defected Parts

Unfortunately, there are some accidents that happen with little to no control by the driver and more to the parts found in the truck. If a defective part is found to be responsible for an accident, then the victim has the right to seek damages from the part manufacturer in addition to the other parties liable.

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