Features of Instagram you can use to your convenience

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Instagram is a social networking website which is unique in itself from other social networking websites in a way that it makes way for you to take, share, edit photos and videos on its platform. Facebook owns Instagram and has many features shared with it. It has a messaging service along with it.  You can get some free Instagram followers at http://grabfreefollowers.com/.

Instagram’s salient features to get a good following

  • Platform applicability

 Instagram is available for both android and iOS users on play store and app store. By this, you can get access to your Instagram at point of time in the day on your smartphone.

  • Photo ads

free Instagram followersIt gives you the freedom of giving out photo ads under which you can dole out a good description of your products and services. There are some specifications you must keep in mind before posting out photo ads

File type of image- jpg or png

Maximum image file size – 30MB

Minimum Width of Image – 600 pixels

Image Ratio: Minimum- 4:5

 Maximum- 16:9

Length of text: maximum 2200

Hashtag size: maximum size 30

  • Story ads

Instagram allows you to give ads on story format which stays for 24 hours and gets deleted automatically after the time frame. Using this format, you can put up ads on daily basis for your products and services instantly. You can give it up easily and your followers will be able to view it instantly.

  • Video ads

 You can give your viewers an easy working eye treat of your products and service by this feature. It lets you capture a complete video of the working of your products and then deliver it to the target audience. This way you can make your audience believe in your efforts and your organization.

  • Carousel ads

This is a mix and merge of multiple media types. You can show your audience both images and videos of the working of your organization, promote your brand; do ad campaigns using this feature. It is quite user friendly and easy.