Have a fitter body in hot summer by following simple tips

Summer season is in no way perfect time to push yourself for heavy workouts or lengthy workout schedules. Do only as much as you can. If you can only perform workouts for 15 minutes at a time, then do what you can and do rest of it at any other time of the day. You can exercise twice in one day if you can’t handle it at once. However, if you plan to do 30 minutes or 40 minutes of your workout at a time, then you can slow down your pace. Do your workout with less intensity or give small intervals between exercises to avoid overheating. You can also take small breaks between them. The sowo amazing plan website gives you a clear guide on this. Here are a few more tips to follow during your summer workouts.

Buy some wicking clothes
In summer, better invest your money in purchasing breathable and lightweight wicking clothes. These wicking clothes help your skin pull out moisture from it and let you feel cooler. It is also suggested to wear sunglasses and a hat to keep the hot sun away from your face and head.

Have a cold shower
What could be more relaxing than having a cold shower in the summer season? Not only after your workout, have a cold shower even before you head to your workout. Though it seems little different to have a shower before you start your workout, it is best to follow as cold water can cook you down. Keep your hair wet and just pop it as a bun, so that when you go outside for a walk, water dripping down your neck and face will make you feel refreshed. If your hair is short, then better carry a water bottle along with you, so that you can sprinkle little water on your head, whenever you feel to have a cooling boost while you walk.

Exercise in the rain
This is one thing that can rarely happen during summer. If at any day it’s cool outside, then start walking as it will be exhilarating to feel the little sprinkle on your body while you are out for a walk or a run. However, if it is lightning and thundering outside, then immediately head to your room instead of running in a storm.

Always prefer to exercise in cooler places
Better to choose the places like breezy beach shoreline or shady woods to start your workout as they are the places where you can find 10 or more degrees cooler temperature than the sunny streets in your neighborhood. The sowo amazing plan website gives you plenty of ideas and workouts to do to maintain fitness.

Change up your type of workout to fit the hotter temperatures
Adopt cooler cardio workouts like swimming, driving a cycle in the wind or doing squats in an air-conditioned room.