Home nursing care responsibilities

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Home care is also known as domiciliary care or in-home care. It is a supportive service provided by a caregiver in the home. The caregiver is a licensed and trained professional that can provide quality support and care to the elderly, diseased or disabled. Home nursing services need not be provided solely by a medical professional. Even with proper training, certification and paramedical training, one can become a caregiver.

But before you move on to become a caregiver, you must know and understand exactly the responsibilities of a person or a company providing home nursing services.

Their responsibilities include:

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  • Providing daily assistance to people in need to ensure that their daily living activities are properly met.
  • It also includes providing rehabilitative services to people who need extra care to recover from illness or surgeries.
  • It helps seniors, adults, as well as pediatric clients who have undergone a facility or hospital stay or needs additional support to perform daily activities safely at home and prevent chances of unnecessary hospitalization.
  • It also includes services such as rehabilitative, assistive, therapeutic and short term nursing and health care services.
  • To provide elderly with the nursing procedures and care that one can get in a hospital at the comfort of their home.
  • It also includes procedures such as nasogastric tube feeding, PEG feeding, Draining and changing of stoma wafer and bag etc.
  • Home care nursing also includes tasks such as wound management and dressing of surgical wounds. You should also know to remove staples and stitches too.