How marketing makes up for sales:

Sometimes, there may be instances in the market where the product which has been manufactured might not really be in a great demand. There are many chances where the sales might fall down and here are a few instances:

  1. The product could be seasonal and the people might not find the product useful anymore. Therefore, the people might have stopped preferring that particular product as such.
  2. Though the product is very much useful, there are instances where the people have found products which are better than these. Hence they would prefer shifting to those ones and hence the company is going to experience a decrease in the sales as such.


Marketing is an ever green field as such. There is always an increase in the demand for the marketing field while there is no instance where the marketing strategy is not very much required as such. The people might think that the field of marketing is very much easy but then marketing is so tough, that there are academies like the digital worth academy which are going to train the people on how and where to apply the strategies that they have learnt over the ages as such.

Relationship between demand and marketing:

The demand of the product and the marketing is inversely proportional as such. Wherever there is a decrease in the demand, there will be a proper rise in the need for marketing as such. This is very much because of the fact that, whenever there is a decrease in the demand, the people are very much in the need to show the crowd how best their product is. In order to achieve this, they will have to take the help of the marketing department as such. This is exactly how the marketing comes into the picture them.

The marketing companies are going to approach the product manufacturers and they are going to help them out in this particular thing as such. When they are going to do this, they are going to see that they make use of proper sources like the dropship on demand.