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Best Meal Replacement Shake

Isagenix is based in Arizona with its main product offerings focused on health and weight loss. The company produces a variety of products including Isagenix shakes, which provide meal replacement and weight loss solutions. Other Isagenix products include performance and energy products, snacks and products for aging. Isagenix reviews are good overall with Isagenix shakes ranked among the best meal replacement shakes. However, some reviews are points of concern especially to those currently consuming the products or those thinking of purchasing. The reviews are a source of additional information to shoppers and will affect their decision-making process.

IsaLean –The best meal replacement shake

IsaLean is dubbed Isagenix’s “flagship product”. It is Isagenix’ nutrient-packed meal replacement shake which contains 23 vitamins and mineral and 24 grams of protein. It has been labeled a “complete meal replacement” and one of the best meal replacement shake on the market. IsaLean is said to promote healthy weight loss and develop leaner muscles. The Isagenix shake is available in a variety of flavors including Creamy French vanilla, Strawberry cream, creamy Dutch chocolate, and chocolate mint. The nutritional facts of creamy Dutch chocolate flavor are as follows. It gives an idea of the sample Nutritional needs met on a daily value basis.

“Vitamin A 50%, Vitamin C 40%, Calcium 30%, Iron 14%, Vitamin D 80%, Vitamin E 35%, Thiamin 60%, Riboflavin 70, Niacin 45%, Vitamin B6 60%, Folate 80%, Vitamin B12 200%, Biotin 45%, Pantothenic Acid 40%, Phosphorus 25%, Iodine 40%, Magnesium 50%, Zinc 45%, Selenium 40%, Copper 50%, Manganese 60%, Chromium 80%, Molybdenum 60%”.

Isagenix packages the IsaLean meal replacement shake for all consumers inclusive of children, adults and pregnant women (with consultation). The shake is said to be all natural, low glycemic and without soy. It is also said to contain no harmful trans fats. All the components of the ingredients have been preserved by carefully choosing the best process to combine the ingredients.

Contents of Isagenix shakes

The composition of each Isagenix shake differs, however they are made form:

  • Isagenix shakes provide between 24 to 36 grams of protein in one serving. Specifically, Isagenix shakes contain milk and whey protein which is easily absorbed
  • Low glycemic fructose
  • Carbs for energy
  • Essential vitamins and mineral including B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, C, D and calcium
  • Sources of fat such as olive oil and sunflower oil
  • 8 grams of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber in the Isagenix shake is said to be sourced from isomaltooligosaccharide powder, psyllium seed powder and yucca root powder.

Best Meal Replacement

Isagenix Reviews

Isagenix reviews highlights certain elements of IsaLean which are of concern

  • Fructose is used as the sweetener but has no nutritional value. Fructose is a naturally occurring sweetener that can be safely consumed from fruit sources. When used as added sugar, fructose is said to be harmful to your health. When consumed in large amounts, the liver converts the sugar to fat. It is said to also increase hunger feelings.
  • Calorie content
  • May cause weight gain and other medical problems
  • Food safety concerns from imported ingredients.
  • The taste of the product. The IsaLean shake is said to have an off taste
  • There are complaints of headaches, gas and other side effects in Isagenix reviews
  • Based on how much of the shake you consume, the fiber content is said to be too much for some users

There are many Isagenix reviews that cast doubt on the potency of Isagenix shakes. These reviews contest the quality of the ingredients used and their effects on the body. Some believe that some of the effects of the Isagenix shakes could be very dangerous. However, are the concerns that are highlighted in the Isagenix reviews applicable only to Isagenix? Are these side effects enough to prevent a healthy weight loss? Several of the ingredients have been labelled as causing harmful side effects. Isagenix reviews also label the Isagenix shakes as being of poorer quality while being overpriced.

Some Isagenix reviews that assess its nutritional content conclude that it is not organic, contains added sugar and that it has hidden ingredients that are bad. Dieticians also criticize Isagenix’ methods of achieving weight loss concluding that its methods do not support their conclusions. Additionally, other dieticians criticize the packaging of a meal replacement meal that is suitable for all age groups inclusive of children.

Isagenix is a popular brand that has a good marketing strategy. Many critics attribute Isagenix success to its marketing rather than the quality of its product. However, Isagenix Shakes are highly rated and Isagenix reviews are good overall. When choosing products, the responsibility lies with each person to know their condition and what works for them. Choosing the best meal replacement shake requires care and consideration. Isagenix reviews serve to provide additional information about the product that is used as the shopper sees fit.