(Post) pay it forward: The best new offers in postpaid

Does your phone boast of the best postpaid plan? If not, it’s time to switch to one.

Your phone is a source of constant delight to you. Whether you are looking up information or taking selfies, your phone is your constant companion all day. It is always at work, keeping you updated with notifications even when you are away or resting.

But does your phone perform to its full potential with a really great postpaid plan? A lot of people are saddled with postpaid plans that offer little benefit, poor plan pricing, and even poorer network. When your phone is paired with a well-designed postpaid plan, it receives the best boost to perform to optimum levels.

So, which is the best postpaid plan you should pair your phone with? We recommend Airtel postpaid.

Airtel postpaid: The best ever postpaid offers

It’s a world of exciting postpaid usage when you’ve got an Airtel connection on your phone. Apart from the best proposition in terms of pricing, you get the best postpaid bill payment offers with Airtel as well.

Check out Airtel’s range of postpaid bill payment offers at the moment:

  • 20% of on all family bills under the myFamily Plan
  • Real time tracking of your consumption, so there are no unexpected billing shocks
  • The best ever and most affordable international calling plans
  • Update to postpaid from prepaid, Airtel to Airtel, or port your number to Airtel postpaid
  • Call connect 3x faster than other network providers

That’s not all. Every Airtel postpaid plan offers the best combination of features to enrich your phone connection even more. These include:

  • Postpaid plans are priced at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799
  • One-year free Amazon Prime subscription
  • 3 months Netflix subscription free with every new connection
  • 4G data connection with data rollover facility
  • Unlimited calling feature
  • Handset damage protection
  • Free TV shows and movies with Zee5 on all plans
  • Free add-on connections on Rs 649 and Rs 799 plans

How to buy a new postpaid connection

Research the best in postpaid bill payment offers, plan pricing, additional features and benefits across leading service providers.

Contact the preferred service provider with a request to buy a specific plan.

The service provider then contacts you to know more about your requirements. You can proceed to buy the plan you chose, or choose another one instead.

Complete the KYC process for the postpaid plan. This involves filling up an application form – leading providers like Airtel send the postpaid SIM to your doorstep – and confirming your Aadhaar biometric credentials.

Once the SIM is activated, you can insert it in your phone’s SIM slot and start using the connection.