The Four Things You Can Expect From Your Corporate Lawyer On the Job

You may have hired one of the better corporate law firms Israel has to offer, but there are some things you should know. Your lawyer is not going to come out and tell you everything you can expect from him right away. He or she expects you to do your part too.

What can you expect from one of the better corporate law firms Israel has to offer?

1) Your lawyer is going to give you the basic courtesy. They will keep you informed as to what is going on. Do you have more specific questions in mind? You need to bring those up. In general, you cannot expect your lawyer to tell you everything. They will talk about what is pertinent to your case, but that is it. Do not call and pester them 24/7 asking for updates every 5 seconds. The chances are pretty good that they will contact you when they know something.

FYI: Communication is key, but do not overdo it. Lawyers get turned off by clients who call them nonstop looking for a new best friend. You are their client. Your relationship should not be any more than that.

2) Competence is key. There are some lawyers who are better than others. That is why it is imperative you hire someone who knows what they are doing, That way you can expect a great outcome.

Remember that each lawyer passes the bar exam, but that is in the beginning stages of their career. A lot can happen between then and now. You could talk to the bar association about a lawyer you have doubts over, but they normally go after lawyers who violate ethical and legal codes. That is why you should only hire someone you have the utmost faith in.

3) Corporate lawyer have a job to do. It involves having ethics and a moral center. You can expect that from the person you hire. The bar association does not offer a certification to those who display other characteristics.

4) You can expect a bill. However, the bone of contention clients usually have is when they are billed too high or for services not rendered. Some have also complained of being billed for something that did not happen.

You need to speak with your corporate attorney before the process begins. Talk through any misunderstandings, so you know what to expect. Speak up when something does not feel right.


You are the one in charge. Most lawyers know that and respect it. You should get everything you expect from your lawyer as long as you take care of any disagreements as they come up.